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16 May 2014

   ATAKA leader Volen Siderov co-chaired the conference of the International Orthodox Assembly which took place 12th-15th May in Thessaloniki, Greece. The forum was officially opened by the Chair Sergei Popov, the councilor Prof. Valerii Alexeev and the leader of the Bulgarian Interparliamentary Orthodox Assembly Delegation Volen Siderov. The senior governing body and members of I.A.O. honoured Volen Siderov to become the first Bulgarian politician in the Presidium for the conference opening whose motto was, „Orthodoxy and media in modern times”. The I.O.A International Secretariat organized the event. Volen Siderov gave a speech „Media monopoly of the God fighters in Europe must be broken up”. In his speech he addressed very important issues, „Our forum is taking place in time when historical events are happening in our continent.



  Europe is not the same anymore. The way the West is organizing its campaign against the biggest Orthodox country in the world- Russia demonstrates a new phase in geopolitics. Washington has opposed bluntly and in a provocative manner thus involving Brussels in this dangerous game.

The reason is that Russia is once again a geopolitical factor and thus balances this one-pole model set after 1990. This has caused a hysteric state among the ruling elite of the USA. We will see whether this clash is going to turn into Cold War or whether it will put „hot” elements in today’s tense situation in Ukraine. To us as Parliamentarians supporting the Orthodox unity, the ideological future of Europe is important.  Europe will not be the same anymore but what will it become? In my opinion the new European Parliament will have a very strong presence of patriotic anti-globalist parties. They will demand that the EU decisively end its dependency on the USA and will demand the cunning manipulative game against Russia and sanction policy to end. They will call for open and honest discussion about whether the EU in its present state should exist- as a huge bureaucratic pyramid where decisions are taken in secret by the ruling elite. ………But this smearing campaign does not omit the Orthodox and purely spiritual spheres even though they are not politically affiliated. But they are in the basis of the opposing forces against colonization of the world and the destruction of the nation States. In my country for example, the religious Orthodox representatives appear and write negative materials. If a journalist starts talking about the Bulgarian Orthodox Church the slurring of Orthodox monks and priests as homosexuals is brought out first.  I am convinced that the percentage of homosexuals among journalists is manifold higher.


 However, nobody talks about homosexuals in media. This is not an interesting topic. Nevertheless, it is far more interesting to attack the Church and to spread out information that all members of the Church are immoral. For those manipulators is also interesting when homosexuality is „good and progressive” and when it is „bad”. When ATAKA party organizes protests against street gay-parades we are accused of being intolerant and homophobes. But when instructed journalists go at priests there is no intolerance. When talking about this deliberate smearing campaign against the Orthodoxy we need to be clear about something. What is the ownership of the media that mock and smear our Church? In Bulgaria there is only one truthful television and this is ALFA TV, property of ATAKA party.I have launched a programme on ALFA TV „Sunday – the Day of God”, as well as direct broadcast of masses. Dear friends, Christian brothers and sisters, can’t you see that we are facing an open war against us? Orthodoxy has been announced as the Western civilization biggest enemy. When there is a war, there should be tactics and strategy. As a Chair of the Media Committee in our Orthodox Assembly I do not only see lack of interest in Orthodox topics in the media. I propose that we find a remedy for it. We need the involvement of organizations such as the Orthodox Interparliamentary Assembly, of foundations and persons in countries such as Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Armenia and others.  This involvement should be manifested through purchasing and enlarging existing media that will present the position of the Orthodox peoples and communities. We do not have this at present and it completely lacks in the media space of the European Union. We need counter-action in which all of us take full action and with all available energy and resources. We need to break the monopoly of the anti-Orthodox media owners in Europe, and of the information agencies and leading TV channels owned by the same people”, confidently concluded Volen Siderov.


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