ATAKA launched its election campaign in Moscow Print

25 April 2014

   Volen Siderov was awared with Fatherland Star Russian Medal .The leading candidate of ATAKA euro elections list Volen Siderov was awarded with Fatherland Star Russian Medal. The Russian astronaut and twice  award-winner of Hero of the USSR Boris Volinov presented  Siderov with the award. Volen Siderov, Desislav Chukolov and Magdalena Tasheva lead the euro list of ATAKA party. They will be the voice of the Bulgarians who want to see the EU changed or dissolved.



Fatherland Sta r Medal has been awar ded to Volen Siderov by the Higher Chamber of the Russian Duma for his contribution for the development of relations between Bulgaria and Russia. The event also was the launch of ATAKA election campaign for European Parliament elections. Upon receiving the award Voeln Siderov said, „As a Bulgarian politician I am honoured to be awarded with the Fatherland Star medal.  Actually with the this event I offically launch the election campaign of our party ATAKA for the European Parliament elections. Bulgaria will send 17 MEPs in the European Parliament. My colleagues- Desislav Chukolov and Magdalena Tasheva and I lead ATAKA ballot and will be the voice of the Bulgarians who think the EU ought to be a structure that needs restructuring or dissolving. We, in ATAKA party find that the EU is a puppet of the USA and this should stop. We think that Bulgaria should be neutral in military conflicts and should not be member of NATO. We are convinced that Bulgaria and Europe as a whole should work towards developing friendly, economic and cultural relations with Russia instead of fighting agaisnt it. Upon receiving this highly-esteemed award our party clearly states, „We recognize the referendum in Crimea, we are against sanctions for Russia or any travel or asset freeze and ban lists. This is not the official position of the Bulgarian Government but if ATAKA party takes office I as  a Prime Minister will make sure our relations with Russia are fostered and Bulgaria will leave NATO. I thank you for the high honour and wish success to the Russian Government for fostering the Orthodox values and Statehood of our brother Russia”.

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