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20 Principles of ATAKA Political Party 

ATAKA’s 20 Principles*

1.    Bulgaria is a unitary, monolith state, not liable to secession on neither religious, , ethnic, cultural, or any other basis. Differences by origin or faith shall have no priority over nationality. Whoever violates this principle, detaches oneself off from the Bulgarian nation and the Bulgarian state and shall not be eligible to lay any claims to both of them.

2.    The official language in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian language; the national media supported by the state budget shall not feature broadcasts and editions in other languages. Bans and clear sanctions shall be imposed on ethnic parties and  secessionist organizations.

3.    Rigorous sanctions shall be imposed on any act of desecration of Bulgarian national symbols, sacred relics and on any obloquy against Bulgaria.

4.    The health, social security, education, spiritual and material prosperity of the Bulgarian nation shall be the utmost priority of the government. These shall have precedence over Bulgaria’s membership in any political, military, or other international alliances.

5.    The Bulgarian state shall be bound to ensure health, social security, and conditions for spiritual and material prosperity for all Bulgarians through all means of the public authorities.

6.    Every Bulgarian investor, entrepreneur, and/or manufacturer shall have precedence over any foreign one, up until Bulgaria’s living standards reach the average European level. Bulgaria’s production, commerce,  banks and all other means of production should be in Bulgarian hands.

7.    Taxation and income in Bulgaria shall conform with the means and needs of the Bulgarian population, and not with the requirements of the IMF and the World Bank.

8.    Privatization deals shall be liable to revision.

9.    Bulgarian businesses, both public and private, shall be supported by the state within its boundaries and abroad.

10.    Major overhaul of the state budget system and the preallotment of the budget resources to the benefit of the Bulgarian citizens, and not to the ruling elite. Administration cuts shall be undertaken to curb government red tape.

11.    Program for overcoming the demographic collapse among Bulgarians shall be implemented.

12.    Immediate withdrawal of Bulgaria’s troops from Iraq is a foreign policy priority, as is

13.    Leaving NATO, non-participation in military alliances, full neutrality. No foreign military bases on Bulgarian soil.

14.    Referenda on all major issues in case they affect the lives and interests of over 10% of the nation.

15.    Bulgarian arable land shall not be sold to foreigners under any circumstances.

16.    Reconsideration of the closed chapters in the accession negotiations with the EU; renegotiation of all unfavourable clauses, damaging Bulgaria’s interest. Cancellation of any agreements, accords or memoranda implying or demanding the decommissioning of the Kozlodui NPP.

17.    Ending Bulgaria’s dependence on the IMF and the World Bank programs and credit agreements.

18.     A “Clean Hands” Operation shall be carried out to identify and prosecute those who grew rich overnight through crime; investigation of all deals conducted with the participation of politicians, as well as the transactions, including swaps on Bulgaria’s sovereign debt.

19.    Confiscation of illegally acquired assets. The asset forfeiture proceedings shall go to a fund for free medical services. A legal formula on national betrayal shall be enforced to allow the prosecution of national betrayers.

20.    Introduction of minimum labour pay by law with hourly wages corresponding to the average European ones.
Let’s regain Bulgaria for the Bulgarians!   

*) This is the concise platform which in June 2005 catapulted ATAKA in the 40th parliament (2005-2009) with 8.94% of the popular vote (21 seats).



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