ATAKA gave pumpkin award medal to NATO Secretary General

11 April 2014

   ATAKA leader Volen Siderov commented that NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s visit was to exercise pressure onto the Bulgarian Government so as to create tension. He stressed out that there is evidence that US army troops would be deployed on Bulgarian territory as well as US weapon equipment on the Black Sea. Siderov read this as a sign of provocation against Russia. „We are against Bulgaria being involved in building up tension. I suspect that the President would be persuaded to embroil Bulgaria in this scheme.

AFIS: ATAKA remains 4th political force in Bulgaria


9 April 2014

  According to AFIS latest opinion poll ATAKA remains the fourth political force in Bulgaria. The political analysts state that Siderov has the most mobilized voters’ core.If the elections for European Parliament were held last Sunday ATAKA party would have come in fourth in the vote for European Parliament. Despite the smearing plots against the party and its leader Volen Siderov ATAKA party remains the top-notch patriotic formation in Bulgaria.

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